Management Structure of State Tobacco Monopoly Administration and China National Tobacco Corporation

General Office (Foreign Affairs Department)

Development Planning Department

Monopoly Regulatory Department

Economic Operation Department

Policies, Regulations and System Reform Department

Finance Management and Supervision Department (Audit Department)

Science, Technology & Education Department

Personnel & Labor Department (STMA Office Party Committee)

Discipline Inspection Team, Supervision and Inspection Bureau

Retired Affairs Office

Service Center (Service Bureau)

Party School of State Tobacco Monopoly Administration (STMA Staff Training Center)

Tobacco Economic Information Center

Tobacco Economic Research Institute

China Tobacco Magazine

China Tobacco Society

China Tobacco Leaf Corporation

China Cigarette Sales Company

China Tobacco Investment Management Corporation

China Tobacco Machinery Group Co., Ltd.

China National Tobacco Import & Export (Group) Corporation

CNTC Electronic Commerce Corporation

China Tobacco Industrial Development Center

Provincial Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (Company), Provincial Tobacco Industrial Corporation, Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute, Hefei Design Institute, Centre for Staff  Technical Trainng of CNTC

Local Municipal Tobacco Monopoly Bureau (Company), Cigarette Factory, Leaf Re-drying Factory

Tobacco Monopoly Bureau at County Level (Company)