Ministry of Labor and Social Security

I. General Introduction

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security of the People's Republic of China was established in March 1998 on the basis of the former Ministry of Labor, being an organ directly under the State Council, it is in charge of the administration of national labor and social security undertakings, mainly including labor force management, labor relationship readjustment, various items of social insurance management and legal construction of labor and social security. Among them, the social insurance is merged by social insurance for urban employees administered by the former Ministry of Labor, social insurance for government organ the institutions administered by the Ministry of Personnel, the rural social insurance administered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the medical insurance administered by the Ministry of Public Health as well as social insurance pooling for various sectors and departments.

The MOLSS is composed of the following 13 functional departments: General Office, Department of Legal Affairs, Department of Planning and Finance, Department of Training and Employment, Department of Labor and Wages, Department of Pension Insurance, Department of Unemployment Insurance, Department of Medical Insurance, Department of Work Injury Insurance, Department of Rural Social Insurance, Department of Social Insurance Fund Supervision, Department of International Cooperation and Department of Personnel and Education.

Meanwhile, the MOLSS has the following institutions: The Social Insurance Administration Center, Information Center, China Labor and Social Security Science Academy, China Employment Training Technical Instruction Center, China Labor and Social Security News, China Labor and Social Security Publishing House, Education and Training Center, Publicity Center, International Exchanges and Services Center, Social Security Capacity Building Center. The MOLSS also has the following affiliated organizations: China Labor Society, China Social Insurance Association, China Occupational Education and Training Association, China Employment Promotion Association etc.

Major Responsibilities

II. Current Leaders

Minister: Tian Chengping

Vice Ministers:

                Wang Dongjin   Bu Zhengfa   Hua Fuzhou(female)   Zhang Xiaojian   Liu Yongfu

Head of the Inspection Team of the CCDI at MOLSS: Cui Huilie


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