China Earthquake Administration

I. General Introduction

China Earthquake Administration (hereinafter referred to as "CEA") is the governmental body directly under the State Council, and authorized by the "Law of the People's Republic of China on Protecting Against and Mitigating Earthquake Disasters" to enforce the earthquake administration in the nation. The main functions are as the followings:

1. Formulating and implementing the national development strategies, guidelines and policies, laws and regulations as well as the standards regarding earthquake preparedness and disaster mitigation.

2. Organizing and drafting the national program for earthquake preparedness and disaster mitigation; working out the national emergency response plan for destructive earthquakes; establishing the national registration system of destructive earthquakes response plans; providing guidelines with regards to the national prediction & preparedness initiatives; studying and proposing the plan for aseismic reconstruction in the disaster area.

3. Formulating the national seismic intensity zoning map and strong ground motion parameter zoning map; undertaking the seismic safety evaluation, and the examination and grant of the results for the key construction projects and the ones may induce serious secondary disasters; determining the seismic fortification level.

4. Supervising and inspecting the relevant work of earthquake preparedness and disaster mitigation in accordance with the provisions of the "Law of the People's Republic of China on Protecting Against and Mitigating Earthquake Disasters".

5. Implementing the dual-governing system, centered on CEA, within the provincial and municipal Earthquake Administrations; establishing and furnishing the systems of management and of plan & finance; guiding the works of earthquake administrations under the provincial level; governing the institutional agencies under the CEA.

6. Administrating the earthquake monitoring & prediction nationwide; working out and implementing the national plan of earthquake monitoring & prediction; proposing the national seismicity tendencies and the key surveillance areas for the State Council, and implementing the above upon its approval.

7. Serving as the Earthquake Disaster Relief Commanding Headquarters of the State Council; promptly reporting the occurrence and disaster of an earthquake; organizing the earthquake disaster survey and loss estimation; advising the State Council of the countermeasures on the prompt response to the destructive earthquakes home and abroad; managing the emergency response and rescue work of earthquake disasters.

8. Guiding the institutional reform for institutes engaged in earthquake science & technology; drawing up the development plan & policy of earthquake science & technology; organizing the research programs, including the national key projects, on the earthquake science & technology; organizing and coordinating the research and development of technology and equipment connecting to the emergency response, search and rescue; guiding the development and application of earthquake science & technology; administrating the international exchange and cooperation in earthquake science & technology; undertaking the seismic inspection of Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) .

9. Providing the guidance in education and publicity of the knowledge on earthquake preparedness and disaster mitigation.

10. Managing and supervising the use of funds in earthquake undertakings, infrastructures and projects.

11. Undertaking the other work assigned by the State Council.

II. Current Leaders

Director General: Chen Jianmin

Deputy Director General:

                              Yue Mingsheng      Liu Yuchen      Zhao Heping      Xiu Jigang

Officer in-charge of the Disciplinary Inspection Group: Li Youbo


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