Sports and Health

Developments have been made in Liaoning's sports and medicines. The athletic sports top the national level. Some 0.54 billion Yuan RMB of sports lotteries were issued in the whole year, among these, 330 million Yuan RMB were football lotteries,190 million Yuan RMB of sports funds were raised, and 78.81 million Yuan RMB were received from the social donations.

By 2003, athletes from Liaoning had won 233 world champions in the three international contests-the Olympic Games, the World Championship and the World Cup. Therefore the province has, for 18 years in a roll, been granted the "Year-round Contributions Award" by the State General Administration of Sports. The province is also advanced in the country in terms of health undertaking scale, health law construction, sanitary monitor, disease control, health care for women and children, traditional Chinese medicines and education and research in medicines.

Mass Sport

The Liaoning people are fond of sports and there are 20 million people participating in physical activities, thus for many times having the Liaoning awarded the advanced province in mass sport by the state. There had been 128 children's sports clubs and 2,089 schools of traditional sporting in the province. "Sports Cities", such as Dalian the Football City, Fuxin the Basketball City and Fushun the Table-tennis City, have been forged in the province. At the same time, physical activities had become more popular in the schools, and 98 percent of the in-school students had reached the State Standards for Physical Exercises and 29.5 percent were excellent, ranking among the top of national level. The mass sporting activities increased in numbers and diversified in variety.

Athletic Sports

The athletic sports of Liaoning have scored innumerable achievements. The sports of athletics, swimming, water-based matches, weight-lifting, judo, cycling, shooting, soccer, basketball, volleyball, table-tennis and badminton have showed high levels and cultivated over 100 world champions, including Wang Nan, Wang Junxia and Wang Yifu. Xu Yongjiu from Liaoning is the first heel-and-toe walking athlete to win a world championship in China's history. Ma Junren's Team from Liaoning has won prizes in many important international contests. Liaoning's soccer team has scored ten consecutive championships in China. In 28th Athens Olympic Games, Liaoning's contesters won 4 gold medals, 1 silver medals,4 bronze medals. By the end of 2004, sports contesters from Liaoning had won 12 world championships, 17 Asian championships,101 national championships in various national and international contests. There were 3 people who established and broke 4 world's records for 4 times and 5 people who established four national records for 4 times.

Sports Events

There are altogether 39 sports events in the province; they include athletics, swimming, weight-lifting and gymnastics. The province also has 7,036 PE managers, 937 successful sports contesters, 1,511 coaches and 761 national referees.

Sports Facilities

The sports facilities in Liaoning are sound and complete. There are altogether 30,118 stadiums and gymnasiums in the province. Liaoning Sports Center can hold trainings and sports of 11 items for more than 600 contesters, while 4,000 people conduct others activities in other areas when a contest is being held here. Liaoning Gymnasium (10,000 seats), Shenyang Wulihe Stadiu (60,000 seats) and Fushun Gymnasium have carried out many big domestic and international contests. Shenyang Stadium and Fuxin Stadium all boast 20,000 to 30,000 seats, while Tieling Stadium, Jinzhou Stadium, Chaoyang Stadium and Yingkou Stadium also have the capacity to carry out general contests.

Health Organizations

There are 13,000 professional health organizations in the province. Among them are 2,015 hospitals and health centers, 129 sanitation and anti-epidemic stations, 117 maternity and child care centers, 113 special preventive and curing stations. At the same time, there are entirely 15900 hospital beds and clinic beds. The total number of professional medical personnel in the province is 293,899, of which 229,840 are technical personnel. Medical stations have been set up in 97.8 percent of the villages in the province.

For every 1,000 people in the province, there are 4.08 hospital beds, and every 1,000 people have 2.04 doctors, figures that top other provinces of the country.

Medical Facilities

There are rather complete medical facilities in the province. Liaoning is equipped with 325 sets of CTs, 69 nuclear magnetic machines and many advance medical facilities, thus becoming one of China's provinces that have most CTs and nuclear magnetic machines.

Disease Prevention

Since the founding of New China, sanitation and anti-epidemic stations have been established in the administrative areas of various levels in the province, forming a health monitor and anti-epidemic network across the province. There are totally 269 sanitation and anti-epidemic stations above county level. The planned child anti-epidemic coverage has reached over 95 percent, ranking among the top ten of the country. The incidence of contagious diseases has dropped to 228.33 every 100,000 people, and for ten years in a roll there has been no incidence of polio. Six kinds of regional diseases have been effectively under control. The high discovery rate and high cure rate of tuberculosis rank among the top level of the country, and the recovery rate has reached above 90 percent. The monitor coverage of the province's food, public occasions and cosmetics has basically reached 100 percent, while the monitor coverage of radiological health and regular health has reached 99 percent.

Pharmaceutical Industry

A pharmaceutical industrial system has been launched with relatively complete categories of medicines, including chemical medicines, bioengineering medicines, traditional Chinese medicine, pharmaceutical machineries, medical equipment and pharmaceutical packing materials, and therefore the province has become an important base for medicine production and sale.

The key enterprises include Dongbei General Pharmaceutical Factory of Dongbei Pharmaceuticals Group Company, Shenyang No.1 Pharmaceuticals Factory, Dalian Pfizer Pharmaceutics Co., Ltd., Dalian Xinmeiluo Pharmaceuticals Plant, Jinzhou Jiutai Medicines Co., Ltd., and Shenyang Pharmacy Co., Ltd., etc. The main pharmaceutics are Vc-series products, fosfomycin-series products, cephalosporin-series products and ilotycin-series products.