China sets goal for developing science, technology in 15 years Thursday, February 09, 2006

China plans to become an innovative nation in the next 15 years and a world power in science and technology field by the middle of the 21st century, says the national guideline on medium- and long-term program for science and technology development (2006-2020), which was published by the State Council Thursday.

By 2020, China's entire investment in research and development is expected to top 2.5 percent of the GDP, while progress of science and technology will contribute 60 percent and above to the country's development.

Meanwhile, the country's reliance on foreign technology will decline to 30 percent and below. The number of patents granted to Chinese nationals and the introduction of their academic essays are expected to rank among the first five in the world.

after 15 years of efforts, China will reach eight targets in the field of science and technology as follows:

-- Manufacturing and information industries are expected to master a number of core technologies that have a bearing on the country's national competitiveness, with its technological level of manufacturing and information sectors reaching world class.

-- Agricultural science and technology sector as a whole becomes one of the most advanced in the world, so as to promote the comprehensive productive capabilities of agriculture and ensure food safety for the country, efficiently.

-- There will be breakthroughs in energy exploration, energy-saving technology and clean energy technology, which may promote the structural optimization of energy, with energy consumption of major industrial products reaching or approaching world level.

-- Major industries and key cities will set up a technological development mode of recycled economy, providing scientific and technological support to the building of a resource-efficient and environment-friendly society.

-- Remarkable improvement will be achieved in the prevention and control of major diseases and epidemics, with serious diseases like AIDS and hepatitis well under control, while there will be breakthroughs in the development and manufacturing of new pharmacy and medical equipment and apparatus, with sufficient technological capabilities for industrialization.

-- The development of defense technology will be able to meet the fundamental demands of self-reliant research and development of modern weapons and informationization of the Army, to provide assurance for the safeguarding of national security.

-- A large number of world-class scientists and research teams will emerge in the country, who will be able to make a number of innovative achievements of great importance in the mainstream academic research, when China reaches world level in edge-cutting technologies in the fields of information, biology, materials and space.

-- There will emerge a couple of world-class research institutions and universities as well as internationally-competitive research and development centers owned by companies, which will form a relatively complete innovation system with China's own characteristics.

Editor: Yang Lei
Source: Xinhua