Tian Lipu, commissioner of the State Intellectual Property Office
GOV.cn Friday, February 10, 2006

Tian Lipu was born in Anguo of Hebei Province in October 1953. He received higher education in the China Science and Technology University where he won his Master of Science degree.

From May 1981 to March 1998, he worked for the former Chinese Patent Office and served successively as deputy division director, division director, and deputy director general of the Patent Re-Examination Board. He then took the post as deputy director general of the Electrical Invention Examination Department of the Office. In the same period, he went to Germany as a visiting scholar to conduct research at the Max-Planck Institute for Foreign and International Patent, Copyright and Competition Law. He also did research in the European Patent Office, the German Patent Office and the German Patent Court on patent laws and system.

Since March 1998, he has been working in the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) and served successively as the deputy director general and then the director general of the Automation Department of the Patent Office under the SIPO.

In March 2001, he became the deputy commissioner of the SIPO and in June 2005, he was officially appointed as the commissioner of the organization. In addition, Mr. Tian is also the head of three subordinate units under the SIPO, namely, the commissioner of the Patent Office, the director general of the Patent Re-Examination Board and the dean of the China Intellectual Property Training Center (CIPTC).

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