Mainland says Taiwan opposition leader's 10-year policy unacceptable Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Taiwan opposition leader's "10-year policy guidelines" are unrealistic and unacceptable, said a Chinese mainland spokesman on Wednesday.

The spokesman for the State Council Taiwan Affairs Office made the remarks when asked to comment on the "policy guidelines" put forward by Tsai Ing-wen, chairperson of Taiwan's major opposition Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), who is vying for the seat of Taiwan leader in next year's election.

"Various instances indicate that the DPP hasn't changed its 'Taiwan independence' stance that advocates 'one country on each side (of the Taiwan Strait), and it has declined to acknowledge the 1992 consensus," the spokesman said.

"The set of policies are unrealistic, and are what the mainland can not accept," the spokesman said. "Because once the policies are implemented, it will make cross-Strait negotiations impossible to continue, and cross-Strait relations will once again become turbulent and unrestful."

"We, as well as all circles in Taiwan, do not want to see any impact on the current cross-Strait negotiations and exchanges; we don't want cross-Strait relations to retrogress; we don't want any harm done to people on both sides, especially Taiwan compatriots; we don't want the fruits of peaceful development to be discarded and destroyed," the spokesman said.

Editor: Yang Lina
Source: Xinhua