Full Text: China-Japan-ROK Cooperation (1999-2012)

China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday released a white paper titled China-Japan-ROK Cooperation (1999-2012) to review the history of trilateral friendly exchanges, showcase the achievements of trilateral practical cooperation and envision the broad prospects of tripartite relations.

Following is the full text of the document:



Table of Contents


I. Overview of the trilateral cooperation

II. Political and security affairs

1. Tripartite partnership

2. Policy consultations

3. Non-traditional security

4. Regional and international affairs

III. Economy, trade and finance cooperation

1. Trade and investment

2. Finance

3. Transport and logistics

4. Information and communications

5. Customs cooperation

6. Intellectual property rights

7. Standards and metrology

IV. Sustainable development

1. Circular economy

2. Science and technology

3. Environmental protection

4. Agriculture

5. Water Resources

V. Social and cultural exchanges

1. Culture

2. Education

3. Tourism

4. Personnel administration

5. Health

6. Media, local government and people-to-people exchanges

VI. Outlook

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