About Us

Gov.cn, the official web portal of the Central People's Government of the People's Republic of China, has been built under the guidance of top Chinese leaders, and with the authorization of the National Informationization Leadership Group.

As an essential part of e-government initiative, Gov.cn is a gateway to all Chinese government information and services, and an interactive channel between government and the public. It is of great importance to promoting the opening of government affairs, further transforming government functions, performing all governmental duties in accordance with laws, consciously accepting the oversight of the general public, improving the government's style of work and perfecting the overall quality of public servants.

Gov.cn presently provides authoritative and up-to-date information on the Chinese government, and its programs, initiatives and services, as well as facts about China. It will continuously increase the content of information and services, and gradually realize online interaction between the government and netizens at home and abroad.

Gov.cn began trial run on October 1, 2005. Its English version, English.gov.cn, which made debut on November 22, 2005, is the place to turn for a wealth of Chinese government resources. You can browse by topics such as "China Today", "Official Publications", and "Laws and Regulations". Or you can access "Services for Non-Residents" to find out about China investment, travel tips, children adoption and lots more.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions about Gov.cn to help us improve the portal and serve you even better.