Chinese Spanish rally to oppose Tibet independence, support Beijing Olympics Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More than 1,000 Chinese Spanish and Chinese students held a peaceful rally in Madrid on Monday to express support for the Olympic Games in Beijing and to protest the disruption of the upcoming games by "pro-Tibet independence" separatists.

Gathering in the capital city's Plaza de Espana, the demonstrators held a loft the Chinese flag and banners supporting the games and opposing independence for Tibet, sang the Chinese national anthem and handed out leaflets about the history of Tibet to passers-by.

Ye Yulan, head of the Chinese association of Spain, told Xinhua that all the Chinese people wish for a successful Olympic Games in Beijing, but the sabotage by the "pro-Tibet independence" separatists arose the indignation of the Chinese people, including those living abroad.

Chen Yong, a Chinese student studying in Spain, said Chinese students overseas are very angry about the biased reports by some Western media.

"We came here to join the rally at the Plaza de Espana to call for safeguarding national unity and to condemn violence and lies,"Chen said.

Some Spanish people joined the rally. Many expressed support for the Beijing Olympic Games and opposition to any boycott of the games, saying any disruption to the games would be a shame as the games belong to all.

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Editor: Feng Tao
Source: Xinhua