Facts & Figures
Facts and figures: China's main targets for 2006-2010
Facts and figures: China's drive to build new socialist countryside
Facts and figures: China's major targets for 2006
China's major achievements in 2005
China's economy grows 9.9% in 2005
Statistical Communique on 2005 national economic and social development
Press Conference
& Repor
Report on the Work of the Government (2006)
Press conference on IPR protection
Premier Wen meets press after conclusion of NPC session
NPC holds press conference on building resources-saving, environment-friendly society
Four ministries hold press conference on building innovation-oriented country
The 10th Five-Year Plan (2001-2005)
The 9th Five-Year Plan (1996-2000)
The 8th Five-Year Plan (1991-1995)
The 7th Five Year Plan (1986-1990)
The 6th Five-Year Plan (1981-1985)
The 5th Five-Year Plan (1976-1980)
What is the Five-Year Plan
How is the 11th Five-Year Plan mapped out
What are the changes in Five-Year Plans' economic focus
Related Reports
Gov't to support ethnic areas' development
CPC outlines 2006 to 2010 cadre training plan
CPPCC leader calls for further promotion of patriotism, harmony, creativity in Macao
China to raise water prices to encourage conservation, efficiency
China plans to open wider in science, technology
Nation continues favorable policy in Tibet
NPC endorses 11th five-year plan
  Blueprints & Targets
Nation to modernize Yangtze River waterway
Guide released on top brands emphatically fostered in 11th five-year plan period
11th five-year planning for development of domestic trade mapped out
China aims to build five to seven big coal groups
11th Five-Year Plan: Targets, Paths and Policy Orientation
CPC emphasizes development of education, science
Ten features in China's 11th five-year plan
Key points of the 11th Five-Year Plan
Abstract of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan outline (draft)
Favorable factors listed on 11th Five-Year development
The new 11th Five-Year Guidelines
Govt issues explanation on 2006-2010 guiding proposal
  Files & Documents
Notice from NDRC to carry out special inspection on fertilizer price and agriculture-related fees
Industries and Transportation in 2005 and 2006
The 9th 5-Year Plan for China's Educational Development and the Development Outline by 2010
Major Measures to Promote the Adjustment of Industrial Structure
Beijing Declaration on Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development
Create a Favorable Social Environment for the Development of Micro-Credit Business
  Opinions & Voices
Energy consumption major environment concern
National 11th 5-year plan to boost HK's prosperity: official
NPC session: PM pledges prosperity for all
HK can maintain long-term prosperity: Premier Wen
Public opinion sought on 5-year plan in Shenzhen
China to seek public opinion on environmental affairs
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  New Countryside
Rural Reforms
Poverty Reduction
Migrant Workers
Education & Medicare
  Peaceful Development
China's Stance
Mutual Benefit
Int'l Assistance
Peacekeeping Mission
  Eco-Friendly Society
Govt Actions
Green Life
Ecological Protection
Emergency Response
International Cooperation
  Innovative Country
Government Initiatives
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Innovations & Applications
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